Tom Brady MUST Have Bieber Fever — Just Looking At His Haircut!

There’s no way Gisele Bundchen okayed this.

Following the that Tom Brady ‘s suspension from the NFL was reinstated, the athlete was spotted out sporting a very inneresting and new haircut while out to church with Gisele in New York City. Let’s just say we hope Tom repented for this horrible ‘do while he was there!

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Not merely is this new hair simply confusing, but it definitely brings back memories of Justin Bieber circa 2010. By the looks of this copycat hairstyle, you’d expect T.B. to break into a rendition of Baby at any moment!

While we don’t think this style is good on anyone, it’s especially not flattering on the pro. All this seem does is detract from Mr. Brady’s bangin’ physique and style sense!

Tom, we understand you’re going through a difficult time right now, but this seem is not the way to run. Trust us — you don’t want to following in Biebs’ footsteps. Next thing you know you’ll be comparing yourself to God or pissing in buckets.

Heed our warn, Brady. THERE’S STILL HOPE FOR YOU.

[ Image via Getty Images/ WENN .]

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