This NFL player wore a Yoda onesie to a press conference only because

Image: Jamison Hensley/ ESPN/

Steve Smith is either A) 36 days late to Halloween or B) genuinely stoked for ‘Rogue One‘ next week.

The Baltimore Ravens wide receiver depicted up to Wednesday’s press conference garmented as Yoda, everyone’s favorite Jedi Master.

Smith offered no explanation as to why he choice that particular attire, besides saying, “It’s been a while since I wore a onesie, ” per ESPN ‘s Jamison Hensley .

But Smith did rock the Yoda onesie earlier this week, according to his Twitter account.

Whether he’s highly anticipating the new installment, or is just really, really comfortable in that onesie, we may never know.

Smith is a pretty loud, eccentric guy. Chalk it up to that, we will.

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