The Skateboarder Who Dr. Phil Hit With His Car Is Now Getting Pretty Aggressive — Lawsuit Time ??

Look out,

Terrence Bembury has taken to his IG account to show some pics of the aftermath of the accident in the hospital, and in the captions he’s more information about Dr. Phil’s role in the whole ordeal.

Take this one, that he posted yesterday evening( below ):

The caption there in full reads( below ):

“Dr. Phil simply reached me with his vehicle this morning. I filled a report .. And .. Awaiting for the dew process .. And will contact TM Z”

Bembury requires some help with spelling — and he also tagged the pic with hashtags #gymrat and #gainz — but, OK…

And the second pic, too( below ):

With the caption( below ):

“Thank Dr. Phil .. It felt getting hit by your Mercedes .. Now I’m going on two days of missing work.. SmH. I meet with my Lawyer Monday .. This is a 100% winnable vase since Dr PHIL operated a stop sign and was in the wrong lane of traffic”

That caption includes tags #swole, #pump, and #fitfam. Gotta tag everything you can on the ‘Gram !!!!!

Regardless of the goofy captions and tags, Bembury is going to have a serious suit against Dr. Phil here, especially if it bears out that the Tv doc wasn’t is expected to be driving where he was, and Bembury was reach while in the crosswalk.

We’ll see if anything ever comes of it, but based on those captions, it sure sounds like Bembury is serious about meeting with his lawyer and receiving a fiscal resolution to this issue.

In a comment on one of his IG posts, he also wrote this( below) responding to another user who asked for more details on what happened 😛 TAGEND

“yesterday morning, Dr. Phil ran a stop sign and was in the wrong exiting lane while I was intersecting in the cross stroll, then shook my hand and took off, he never got out the car, checked too see if I was injured, didn’t even ask for my name, policeman told me he needed to stay until policemen came and that he should of called himself, and the fact a shuttle driver stopped for me and he passed the driver and I even wailed and stuck my out, him being oblivious to all this entails he either was on his phone or merely straight hit me knowing my obvious presence and didn’t care, either way he broke traffic statutes which resulted in him making me”


Might be time to pay up to settle up, Dr. Phil…

[ Image via Instagram .]

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