The real narrative behind this viral NBA Vine

Wade and Butler enter meme afterlife .
Image: Gustavo vega, vine

When NBA stars Jimmy Butler and Dwyane Wade were filmed on the Chicago Bulls bench Monday night, a Viral Moment occurred.

Alas, the apparent real tale is not as juicy as the meme( because it never is ). That’s why, like the RA in your freshman-year dorm, we’re here to launch a full and kill all the fun.

Our story begins with Butler and Wade on the Bulls bench during Chicago’s Monday night win over the Detroit Pistons. Television cameras caught Butler gesturing to Wade while talking to someone off-screen and across the court. Here’s that , along with the make Vine and Twitter posts it spawned.

In less than 24 hours, the post was retweeted more than 20,000 periods and viewed more than 4.5 million times on Vine. For good reason it’s a funny and relatable gag! Who among us has not tried to hook our son up at the club? And, as we all know, the two keys to a viral internet post are humor and relatability.( We’ll let the “your” vs. “you’re” typo slide .)

Also adding to the intrigue was that the gag, in reality, wasn’t an entirely implausible scenario. We’ve ensure before that NBA stars sometimes seek to arrange hook-ups with fans in ways you might not expect.

Wade’s wife, the actress Gabrielle Union, entered our narrative later Monday night. She said in a Twitter post that Butler had get himself crossed “off the BBQ list” for ostensibly playing wingman. Oh, drama!

But what genuinely happened? Butler shed light on the true tale via Instagram after the video took off.

when you talking about who should get the ISO with @johnson_c5 but IG people play too much still funny @dwyanewade

A video posted by Jimmy Butler (@ jimmybutler) on Dec 19, 2016 at 11:20 pm PST

Now let us translate that caption for you.

In hoop-speak, an “iso” is when one player is isolated against his defender in hopes of getting an easy pail. As for the @johnson_c5 mentioned by Butler?

He’s Chris Johnson, a personal player-development coach-and-four who works with Butler and other NBA pros. Johnson did an interview with in September.

So, to recap: Butler wasn’t trying to hook Wade up with an amorous fan; he was communicating with a personal coach-and-four about strategy.

Anyway, sorry to spoiling all the fun. But please keep constructing internet gags! Internet jokes are good and we want them to continue.

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