The Craziest Gambling Bets To Place On the Rio 2016 Olympics

For the first time in 18 years, gamblings can place money on the Olympic Games–and some of the gambles are as weird as the dust floating in Rio’s polluted rivers. “>

Wanna construct 50 bucks the hard way?

Bet that the Rugby Sevens competition at the in Rio will be canceled because they run out of rugby balls. At one sports volume in Australia, you can do simply that at 51 to 1 odds.

That bet has the same exact odds as Germany winning the most golds at the 2016 games. Its the same chance as Rio running out of gas for the Olympic flame , too.

Betting on the Olympics can be as weird as the dust floating in the river swimmers are forcing them to race in. The Olympics, in so far, are a catastrophic mess.

At least you are able to wager on just how much of a mess it is.

For the first time in 18 years, you are able to place a bet on such Malaysian badminton superstars as Lee Chong Wei without having to leave .( Hes 2 to 1.)

In February, Nevada quietly amended its forbidding on amateur sports betting to make an exception for the Olympics. The no-amateur betting carve-out had been in place since 1998. Sports books like William Hill were quick to put up some odds shortly after the decision to allow it.

Ever since, theyve been taking action on everything from USA to the 4×100 meter relay. It turns out there are plenty of experts in America on, say, the mens 200 meter.

Leading up to the Olympics, there are meets on TV pretty much every weekend, so theres a lot of volatility with whoever simply won last weeks satisfy, told William Hills Adam Pullen. Its been fairly surprising. There are people that follow it, and they pay more attention than we do.

Pullen has the unenviable undertaking of laying odds on some of these preposterously narrow and specific events for William Hill. He says he looks at markets overseas that volume the qualifiers all throughout the year. I wish I could tell you Im an expert, but theres simply too much information to excavation through, he said.

He hopes he has a lot of it right. Specifically womens soccer.

( Betting) is picking up in the last few days. Will the Americans win women soccer? people betting on them to win the gold medalis the biggest liability we have right now. Most markets have Team USA at about 6/5 odds.

William Hills Director of Trading Nick Bogdanovich expects that 95 percent of trading is still to comeor maybe even higher. Largely because, he tells, hes not sure most people in Vegas know you can bet on the Game this time around.

Once people start watching it on TV, find the preliminary rounds, get used to the time change, see Usain Bolt, the mens basketball teamI think the majority of the action is going to come then, he said.

He thinks, total, the Games will bring in the equivalent of a weekend of college and NFL football match combined.

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