The Cleveland Browns social media team gets team’s biggest win of the season

broad receiver Terrelle Pryor( 11) catches a 7-yard touchdown pass that would inspire a winning Tweet . .
Image: AP Photo/ Weston Kenney

The Cleveland Browns may not win on the field but on Sunday, they won Twitter with a nice dig at the NFL’s recent stupid anti-video, anti-GIF policy.

In the second quarter, Browns quarterback Cody Kessler connected with Tyrelle Pryor for a touchdown. The Browns’ official Twitter account responded with this: a GIF from a custom-made Electric Football table-top game.

While the Browns tweet was fun, the trend actually started earlier in the day when the tweeted several similar GIFs for their game against Washington.

A little over a week ago, the NFL, apparently panicking from plummeting ratings, would be in danger of fine official squad accounts for sharing any sort of videos or GIFs on their accounts( though the league may have softly loosened some of those new rules after the backlash ).

Sources from two teams told Mashable earlier this month they feel the new policy is meant to limit the creativity of what squads can do online during games in order to drive attention and eyeballs to official NFL accounts, as opposed to social accounts operated by franchises.

Since the NFL’s new regulations include even non-game-related GIFs, who knows how long these posts will actually stay up or if the Browns and Eagles will just take the fine. Either style, fans liked it.

No word if the two social media teams planned this together or it’s only kismet.

Previously, the Carolina Panthers had a few cheeky tweets making fun of the new policy, merely to afterward delete them.

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