Reggie Bush is in the process of setting a very embarrassing NFL record

Times have changed .
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Reggie Bush will long be known as one of the best running back to ever play in college. His arsenal of quick-fire jukes and ankle-crippling cutbacks made jaw-dropping highlights that will be “was talkin about a” for ages among collegiate .

But son have times changed.

Bush , now a backup with the Buffalo Bills, has rushed 12 times for a total negative three yards this season. That’s right, Bush who once sidestepped an entire team of defenders as a running back at USC hasn’t even racked up a single yard this year.

And if he doesn’t pick up the pace, he’ll become the first running back to ever finish with negative rushing yards and more than 10 carries.

Buffalo will face the Airplanes in the regular season finale this Sunday, where Bush needs at least three rushing yards to avoid that unfortunate record, as brought to illumination by columnist Jeff Duncan.

It’s a far cry from Bush’s college days.

Coming into the college all the way back in 2003, Bush was considered the top high school running back in the nation. He decided to take his talents to USC, where he became a two-time All-American, won two national championships, set a handful of rushing records and claimed pretty much all the top honors, including the 2005 Heisman Trophy( which he has since forfeited following an improper benefit scandal while in college ).

The New Orleans Saints selected Bush as the No. 2 overall picking in the 2006 NFL draft. And from there, he never quite lived up to the hype. He’s had a solid career, winning a in 2010 and eclipsing 1,000 rushing yards in two seasons. But he never emerged as the electrifying superstar he was at USC.

Ten years later, Bush is on the verge of a very different, much less prestigious record.

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