Putting Big Things in Perspective by Comparing Them To Something More Familiar

Kevin Wisbith, creator of the new YouTube series entitled,’ A Quick Perspective ‘, created an interesting Imgur gallery that attempts to set 10 really big things in view by comparing different sizes to something more familiar.

From the world’s building to the world’s oil tanker, a few of these comparisons might surprise you. If you’re interested in more, be sure to check out Wisbith’s YouTube channel.

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1. The Worlds Largest Oil Tanker

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The largest oil tanker ever produced was the Seawise Giant which spanned 1,504 feet( 458 m ). If placed in the main lagoon in New York’s Central Park it would only have 350 feet( 106 m) of extra room on the front and back.

2. The Mir Mine

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The Mir Mine located in Russia is one of the deepest mines in the world. The official depth is 1,722 feet( 525 m) deep. If the 2nd tallest building in the , the Willis Tower which is 1,729 feet( 527 m) tall was placed in the mine, the tip-off would only stick out 7 feet( 2.1 m) past ground level.

3. The M-1 Rocket Motor

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The M-1 Rocket motor was designed back in the 1950 s for the NASA space program and would have been the biggest motor ever constructed had it been constructed. Its designed diameter was 14 feet( 4.2 m ), or wide enough to fully encompass a Smart Car with 2 feet( 0.6 m) to spare on either side.

4. Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis ( Breathing Scorpion)

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

Prehistoric arachnids were larger than today’s arachnids due to higher oxygen levels. The Pulmonoscorpius kirktonensis was a species of scorpion that grew to 28 inches( 71 cm) long, or the size of an average home cat.

5. The Largest Radio Telescope in the World

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The biggest radio telescope to date is the Chinese Guizhou province telescope that is 1,600 feet( 487 m) in diameter. If placed in Las Vegas it would encompass half of The Mirage, all of the LINQ, all of Harrahs, and most of The Venetian.

6. The B-2 Bomber

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The B-2 Bomber is one of the worlds most advanced and most expensive aircrafts in the world. What most people don’t realise is how big these things genuinely are. The wingspan of a B-2 is 172 feet( 52 m) which is 12 feet( 3.6 m) wider than an NFL football field.

7. The Titanic

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

When it was constructed the Titanic was one of the largest ships constructed. It’s total length was 882 feet and 9 inches( 269 m) long. Since then ship constructing has come a long way. The United States aircraft carrier the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan is 1,092 feet( 333 m) long. If the Titanic was placed on the deck of the U.S.S. Ronald Reagan the vessel would have 210 feet( 64 m) of deck room left.

8. The 2.6 Trillion Dollar Rock

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The Dionysus asteroid is part of the Apollo asteroid belt. The Dionysus asteroid is estimated to be 1.5 km wide or 4921.26 feet. The value of the resources estimated to be within the asteroid is around $2,600, 000,000, 000. If the asteroid was placed above the Golden Gate Bridge, it wouldn’t even outstrip the bridge span.

9. The Burj Khalifa

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest standing structure in the world. It measures in at 2,722 feet (8 30 m) tall. If placed in New York it would stretch nearly 1,000 feet( 305 m) past the One World Trade center and nearly 1,300 feet( 396 m) taller than the Empire State Building.

10. The Death Star

Created by Kevin Wisbith | YouTube

The Death Star’s calculated width is around 99 miles( 159 km) across, or around 1/4 th the length of Florida.

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