Pat McAfee would rather not get kicked in the face by Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown tried to impediment Spencer Lanning in 2014, unsuccessfully .
Image: Gregory Shamus/ Getty Images

Colts punter Pat McAfee has a simple request for Antonio Brown this week: Don’t kick him in the face while his mama is watching. Please.

The Colts and Steelers will face off in a Day matchup on Thursday, and McAfee is hoping Brown the Steelers wide receiver won’t repeat what he did to one unlucky punter two years ago.

Brown tried to jump over Cleveland punter Spencer Lanning in 2014, but kicked him straight in the face instead.

Here’s the hurdle-gone-wrong, along with McAfee’s message.

Brown, who twerked his way into NFL headlines this season, had some fun with McAfee.

Brown results the NFL with 77 receptions, and the Colts will be without star Andrew Luck, which continued to nursing a concussion, so the Colts may have bigger problems than get kicked in the face.

Still, a face-full of isn’t exactly something to be thankful for.

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