Now Tim Tebows Being Called Gay for His FaithBut Heres Why Its OK for the Media to Slam Him

The 28 -year-old virgin turned down Miss Universe. So there must be no other explanation right?

We all know football starring is fairly vocal about his faith. He’s known for regularly crediting God for his accomplishments, living a pure lifestyle, and helping others in need.

In addition to being a devout Christian, Tim’sjust an all-around good guy, even by worldly standards.So why is it that he’s the brunt of criticism everywhere he turns? Outside of his Christian circle of supporterswho uphold similar values, Tebow is constantly ridiculed in the .

He’sbeen mocked for everything from his famous prayer pose…

To the Bible verses on his face paint.

And most recently, he’s been slammed for refusing to havesex withhis ex-girlfriend, Olivia Culpo.

The former Miss Universe and Miss USA actually merely broke up with Tim when she realized that he wasn’t budging on his chastity vow. Many are now asserting that he must be homosexual to turn down the girlliterally branded as the most beautiful womanon the planet.

However, Tebow continues to respond to unfortunate life situations with poise and react to ridicule with grace.

He may be made fun of for being the 28 -year-old virgin who turned down the most wonderful daughter in the universe, but luckily he’s got his eyes on a bigger prize.

The break upwas announced on Thanksgiving, butinstead of brooding or get offended by all the mockery, Tim took a different stance, as is clearly portrayed in the Tweet he posted that same day 😛 TAGEND

His calm and grateful wordsstood in stark contrast to what most starschoose to do over when life hands them lemons.

And thisreaction is actually quite parallel to how he answered when he was released from the NFL after the Eagles coach said “he wasn’t good enough.”

Again, instead of voicing fury or annoyance, Tim took to Twitter to post this 😛 TAGEND

What’s Romans 8: 28 you ask? And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

Amidst the criticism, Tebow consistently reacts with an attitude of gratitude , no matter what get hurled at him, and it’s a humbling example that we could all stand to follow.

Gene Simmons offers a soberingperspective on just how dual-sided our country has appeared to be when it is necessary to ridiculing religion 😛 TAGEND

“Here’s a manwho believes in God and people pick on him, ” he said. “If he was a Jew, or a Muslim and you did thatpeople would never dare. But for some reason if he’s a Christian, you’re have been able to pick on him.”

“It’s the high levels of madnes, and those journalists should be held accountable, ” Simmons continued. “They’re never gonna pick on a guy who tortures puppies or has perhaps gone to jail for assassination, but if he believes in Christ his Lord, then it’s open season. It’s like what country are we living in? ”

Most of our nation identifies as Christian( virtually 80% ), yet somehow that is the only religion that can be ridiculed in the media without notable backlash.

How is that so? How has slamming the majority become the norm? And how has the media gotten away with it? Why is it OK ?

Have we as Christians collectively become silent for anxiety we’ll receive the same criticism as Tebow, or have we become so numb to the mockerythat we just don’t feel the sting anymore? I speculate that perhaps this is preciselythe problem.

However, the “OK” question isn’t oneI can resolvealone, America. But maybe together, we can.

What’s your answer?

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