NFL teams recreate games with playthings following league forbidding on highlights

NFL teams have shot back at the leagues ban on franchises posting game highlights to by recreating Sundays games use toys

NFL squads have shot back at the leagues ban on franchises posting highlights to social by recreating Sundays games using toys.

Philadelphia Eagles (@ Eagles)

EXCLUSIVE highlight of Malcolm’s pick. #FlyEaglesFly AiP7FYe 3Nf

October 16, 2016

Cleveland Browns (@ Browns)


October 16, 2016

Any team posting( real-life) highlightings face a $25,000 from the league, which has denied the move is in response to falling ratings. Under the new rules, squads are also banned from posting video from their own stadiums during games. NFL Players Association spokesman George Atallah said the leagues actions had given rise to the peak ridiculous situation of teams posting fake highlights.

George Atallah (@ GeorgeAtallah)

You know you’ve reached near peak ridiculous when the teams are thumbing their noses at you. #peakridiculous https :// kahFUXyFF2

October 16, 2016

The NFL did not comment on the tweets from the Browns and Eagles. It is unclear whether the toys in question will count towards the teams salary caps.

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