Josh Norman’s new ‘beer-drinking’ celebration is unbelievably bold

has something special planned .
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In an NFL season that has pegged the league against its players in so many routes, Josh Norman is ready to fire one of the biggest and boldest shootings yet.

The NFL flagged and penalty Norman in Week 4 for his bow-and-arrow gala, which “mimicked a violent act, ” according to the league’s strict touchdown celebration rules. Last week, the Washington Redskins defensive back criticized the NFL, calling it a doubled criterion for the league to keep celebrations PG while the game is inundated with alcohol advertisements.

Norman is about to challenge that doubled criterion, head on.

Speaking with reporters after practise on Thursday, Norman hinted at plans for a gala he’ll unveil this weekend against Detroit.

Ill say this, Normansaid. Since they sell beer on TV while kids are watchingit, Im believing I might open a keg on the field, and Im going to drink it on the field. And Idont should be noted that being on the rule book.

According to For The Win , Norman devoted reporters a sneak peak at the move, miming lifting a keg above his head and drinking from it. When asked what he would do if people didn’t quite understand his gala, Norman said he would explain it after the game.

Regarding the rule book, Norman might actually be right. The clarified list of forbidden touchdown celebrations, released a couple weeks ago, includes mimicking a violent act, sexually suggestive dancing, choreographed celebrations, prolonged celebrations, spiking the ball, going to the ground, utilizing the ball as a prop or utilizing any other props.

There’s nothing about alcohol, although it’s not unfeasible officials could consider his imaginary keg a “prop, ” and could rule his gala “excessive.”

Regardless, Norman apparently intends to prove a larger point.

“I mean, youre selling ads on TV, so why cant my gala be legal? ” Norman said. “Its a catch-2 2, human. These guys are serious.

Norman’s willingness to stand up to the NFL is bold, but feelings inevitable.

Cleveland Browns broad receiver Andrew Hawkins mocked the league’s celebration ruleslast week, and broad receiver Antonio Brown’s multiple flags this year forced the NFL to clarify its rules. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman blasted the NFL last month for not protect children players. Teams’ accounts are even making subtle jabs at the NFL’s ridiculous social media policies.

It was only a matter of hour before person went toe-to-toe with the league, and it looks like Norman is about to fire an arrow right at them.

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