JoJo And Jordan Stopped Following Each Other On Instagram

Scandal alert! The people who have too much day on their hands i.e. the individuals who notice when follow and unfollow one another recently discovered that JoJo( of fame) and Jordan Rodgers( of being not Aaron Rodgers fame) probs had some weird fans spat that caused them to stop following one another on Instagram.

This was weirdly and somewhat creepily detected since they are both is available on the of each other’s following listsindicating they were both lately added/ re-added to the other’s follows. I could continue explaining that, but you either get it or you don’t. Ain’t nobody get period for that.

Anyway, can we assume JoJo and J. Rod are on the rocks? Well, they did gratify on, a show that doesn’t exactly have a record when it is necessary to long-lasting relationships. Then again, Jordan doesn’t have any kind of record when it is necessary to a lot of things* cough* NFL football* cough *.

The couple( or non-couple) has been combating rumors that they’re in a relationship for the Instas pretty much since the day Jojo chose Jordan over Robby. A “branding expert” told publication that the pair would be set to make up to $10 million by biding together this year. If that’s not motivation to make like Tim Gunn and “make it work” then I don’t know what is. I’m just saying, people have been able to grin and bear it to stay with person they openly detested for a whole lot less.

All that aside, I’m calling bullshit on the rumors that they’re breaking up. Let he who has never pettily unfollowed her boyfriend after a fight cast the first stone. The fact that Jojo and Jordan rapidly followed each other right after proved they patched things up, swallowed their pride, and reached that are consistent with button again. This is 2017; that’s how you show person you care.

Call me naive, but I actually want to pretend that meeting your soul mate on Tv is possible. Ben and Lauren transgressed my heart when their contract ended they split up, and I really don’t want that to happen with JoJo and Jordan. Also because I fully plan on auditioning if and when Peter is select as the next Bachelor.

Worst case scenario, the two actually do hate each other and someone at ABC reminded them that they have to keep following one another to keep up appearances. Whatever, it’s not like we care. Oh wait, we altogether do.

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