JaMarcus Russell, ex-No1 draft picking, asks for second NFL chance: ‘I’ll play for free’

Russell, who was picked first by but was cut after some inconsistent displays, hasnt played since 2009

JaMarcus Russell, the LSU who was picked No1 in the 2007 draft but hasnt played since 2009, said he will play for free if a squad gives him another chance.

Russell was drafted by the Looter and signed a $61 m contract with $32 m ensure after a successful college career, but fought in the NFL, compiling a 718 record in three seasons hampered by some inconsistent play. He was released by the Raiders in May 2010, and hasnt played since, but the 30 -year-old insists his NFL dreaming isnt over.

God constructs things happen for a reason, Russell said in a video for Sports Illustrated. Whos to say? You might watch me back. You never know, man you never know. Whatever it is I can be a water boy and run my route into a scout squad. It doesnt matter. Ill go play for free.

Russells final season in Oakland was a bad one: he finished 2009 with the lowest quarterback rating, the lowest finish percentage, the fewest passing touchdowns, and fewest occur yards among starting QBs.

Despite nearly five years out of the game, Russell reportedly sent letters to NFL squads last season asking for another chance. I am willing to lead the scout team for free for one year simply to get experience in your system, Russell wrote in a letter to Cowboys owner , according to SI.

I know that my name does not carry much weight in the NFL right now, but I am more than the image that others have bestowed on me, Russell wrote. Ive been labeled as a bust, I have been labeled as lazy and I have been the targets of many insults by the media. The blame for any negative press that Ive received rested squarely on my shoulders.

My afflictions have humbled me. I am a better human because of my battles, and I simply desire an opportunity[ to] redeem myself. I do not want my legacy to be a road of unfulfilled dreams and missed opportunities.

In November 2010, Russell tried out for Washington and Miamifor open backup quarterback stances, but was not signed by either squad. He lost weight in 2013 and tried out for the Bears, but was not picked up.

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