How you can root for the Patriots in the Super Bowl without rooting for Trump, too

Here we go. Another Trump-Brady analysis .
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Comedian Josh Gondelman has been a fan his whole life, but this Sunday, he’ll try to balance his political affiliations and his team loyalty.

With Super Bowl LI just two days away, many are tackling coverage of the big game from every slant, including politics more specifically, the Patriots’ ties to Donald Trump. Quarterback Tom Brady, head coach-and-four Bill Belichick and proprietor Robert Kraft are all “friends” with Trump, as the president says, causing some philosophical dissonance for left-leaning fans.

Gondelman is one of those fans, but he’s find a solution to this moral dilemma.

The Last Week Tonight novelist started the hashtag #AGoodGame, and will make donations to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund for every Patriots touchdown.

In essence, he can root for his team and bide true to his political affiliations at the same time.

“I’d like to cheer for the team I grew up loving without feeling like I’m cheerleading the Trump administration too, ” Gondelman said in an email to Mashable . “Rather than stage a( small and ineffective) boycott of the , I thought why not encourage people to watch and enjoy the game and donate a small( or large) amount of money to a good cause for every Patriots score.”

Now, about those “garbage politics.”

Though Brady is a brilliantly media-savvy player, often selecting not to wade into political waters, his connection with Trump has been pretty clear over the years. After a 15-year bromance, the “Make America Great Again” hat in Brady’s locker last year basically confirmed his political endorsement.

Still, Brady doesn’t overtly discuss politics when prompted.

“Also, I tweeted that Tom Brady’s politics are garbage, which may have been hyperbolic, ” Gondelman said. “What I entail, in the cold harsh light of day, is that I wish he would engage more critically with politics devoted his well-documented terrible selection in red hats.”

The “Democratic Patriots fan” is clearly a big target market.

Tons of other folks jumping on board with this movement. Gondelman’s Twitter feed along with the #AGoodGame hashtag is overflowing with retweets of fans in the same political conundrum.

Brady is a three-time Super Bowl MVP who hurled four touchdowns in Super Bowl XLIX 3 years ago. If that performance is any indication, a handful of organizations will be raking in some serious donations on Sunday.

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