He’s the Highest Paid Defensive Player in the NFL and THIS Is What He Buys

After signing a 100 million dollar contract he googled something hilarious !!!

JJ Watt lately became the highest paid defensive player in the and rightfully so. The half human half animal has been a predominating force-out on both sides of the ball and his stats along with his paycheck show that.

But money isn’t what drives JJ.

The day he found out the size of his contract, a friend indicated for him to buy something crazy expensive only because and so he “googled” things that rich people buy. Here’s that awesome 😛 TAGEND

Well it turns out he found something to spend his fund on…a Batman suit! Lately the millionaire indicated up at a children’s hospital garmented in character to try and brighten some days for fighting for their lives.

Such an awesome roll model for people everywhere!

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