Dak Prescott predominates Cyber Monday just like he does the football field

Dak Prescott has led the Cowboys to a 10 -1 start .
Image: Tom Pennington/ Getty Images

Dak Prescott ran from draft picking to starting to rookie phenom in a matter of months. And if there were any doubts about Prescott’s meteoric rise to NFL fan favorite, Cyber Monday merely corroborated it.

Prescott’s No. 4 Dallas Cowboys jersey was the No. 1 selling player jersey on retail site Fanatics during Cyber Monday. Not merely the No. 1 player, but the No. 1 selling jersey across athletics, according to Brandon Williams, Fanatics’ director of public relations.

It’s not hard to believe, considering what the Mississippi State grad has done on the field this season.

A fourth round draft picking back in April, Prescott climbed his way through the depth charts, eventually subbing in for long-time Dallas quarterback Tony Romo, who went down with a back injury during the preseason.

Prescott never looked back.

He’s let merely two interceptions while tossing 18 touchdowns and leading the Cowboys to a stellar 10 -1 record, the best in the NFL. Romo returned last week, sliding into a backup role.

The four-time Pro Bowl selection lost his task to a 23 -year-old kid.

And if jersey marketings mean anything, Fanatics’ Cyber Monday data induced things official Dak Prescott is here to stay.

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