Cowboys Draft Basketball Star Who Hasn’t Played Football Since Secondary school

Want to feel non-athletic? Boy, do we have a story for you!

Rico Gathers, a 22 -year-old who defined local schools record while playing on Baylor University’s basketball team, was drafted by the on Saturday.

The last time that Gathers played was in middle school.

The former All-American forward( 6 foot 8 inches and 273 pounds) averaged 11.4 phases per game in his 2015 -2 016 season at Baylor and defined a school record for rebounds. He had 292 offensive rebounds over his last two seasons with the team, more than any other major conference player, per ESPN. His coach encouraged him to expend his final year of college eligibility with the football squad, but Gathers opted to go pro instead. He has been training for the gridiron since his school was eliminated from the NCAA tournament last month, the NFL reports.

It’s unclear how good Meets was at football in middle school.

Dallas selected him in the sixth round( 217 th picking of the draft ), hoping that those hops he are applied to grab rebounds translate to catching footballs.

Anyone who has been out of high school for at the least three years — even non-football players — is eligible for the .

The risky picking has a precedent: Jimmy Graham, Julius Thomas and Antonio Gates were all college basketball players who went on to become successful tight ends in the NFL.

“I’m all about that physicality, ” Gathers said of stimulating the transition. “Can’t wait to touchdown! ” he tweeted after being picked, with the hashtag, #FromRebounds2Touchdowns.

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