Casino Gangs Ringleader Says Dirty Dealer Was Just Drunk

Earl Railey says he and six other poker players weren’t stealing from Motor City Casino, just taking advantage of a sloppy trader. The authorities don’t buy it.”>

The game was Texas Hold Em, but it might as well have been Take the Money and Run.

A motley crew of 7 card sharks plus their cant-lose trader allegedly went all in on a cheating scheme to and never lose or describe whenever they played poker at Detroits Motor City Casino, authorities claim.

Five of the players have already folded and are expected to testify against the trader and one lone card shark arrive trial time.

The so-called ringleader in the poker pilfering scam is 65-year-old retiree Earl Railey who told The Daily Beast he took a plea deal and accepts being labeled a cheat.

Raileys deal includes admission to charges of conspiracy, robbery, and gambling activities. He says while others have been able to plead down from felonies to misdemeanors, hes facing 18 months probation and some time in jail because hes a habitual offender.

I was young and stupid, he told of his prior sentences including armed robbery and cocaine trafficking.

Railey and his card cronies maintained returning to Darryls table and won not because of any collusion, but because the trader was just a hapless drunk.

He drank a whole half gallon of Jack Daniels which was a present from my nurse, Railey told. I knew he had a drinking problem.

And that was the extent of it: a tipsy, sloppy trader who may have lapsed on many a losing hand.

I think he was paying out when he shouldnt have been, Railey told. I cant say he was doing it deliberately.

Railey remembers the very moment he went from VIP of the casino castle( hed once had a $22,000 Royal Flush) to first in line in the mugshot lineup.

Darryl had texted me on his transgres and told, They watching me, Railey told. I thought that meant there was a couple dames he had me call at earlier that night.

See, Im a dames man and if I insure somebody might like a girl Im going to have to go speak to them on they behalf.

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