Carolina Is The Most Unapologetically Black Team In NFL History

The culture of football is such that a league made up of mostly black men is supposed to comply with certain standards created and enforced by mostly white men. Ideally, the players would act subdued in public, celebrate their achievements quietly and speak in a manner that avoids the spotlight.

The Carolina Panthers haven’t done any of that this season. On the way to a 15 -1 regular season record and the team’s first appearance since 2004, the team has had fun and has been fun to watch.

They have talked loudly, danced loudly and celebrated loudly. But they’ve done something significant along the way, too: The Panthers have espoused, demonstrated and exuded aspects of their blackness in a way that few predominately black squads have done in the past.

They have been wonderfully, unapologetically, proudly black.

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