Back To The 90 s! Two Decades Late, Ma$ e Just Released A BRUTAL Cam’ron Diss Track — And The Internet Is Going CRAZY For It!

Nothing quite like releasing a late 90 s diss track all the way out here in 2017… but this is where we’re at in an apparently ongoing beef between Ma$ e and Cam’Ron !!

On Friday morning, Ma$ e( pictured above, left) released The Oracle- a project that has him out of conceal and taking direct shootings at Cam’Ron, another Harlem rapper who’s apparently now a rival !!

The pair goes back to their early middle school days in the early 90 s in Harlem, but it’s not all any more.

And nearly out of nowhere The Oracle paints a picture of Cam’Ron being shady and … uh … doing WHAT to his own sister ????

Ch-ch-check out the diss way itself( and the reactions to it) right here:


Twitter wasn’t having it this morning, and users went off on the random renewal of this ages-old beef between old rappers( below ):

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