A veteran broadcaster pee-pee in a trash can during a touchdown bellow

Joe Buck fooled all of us .
Image: laven Vlasic/ Getty Images for Week New York

When you gotta run, you gotta go.

In broadcaster Joe Buck’s case, this holds true even if you’re in the middle of announcing a match, The perennial Fox play-by-play human joined Dave Damesheks NFL Network depict this week and shared the crazy narrative of a Packers game in 1994, when Buck just couldn’t hold it any longer.

The broadcast booth at Milwaukee County , as it turns out, is nowhere near the bathrooms. With only 30 -second infringes in the action, Buck couldn’t make it there and back in time, so he pulled up a trash can instead.

But the…process…took a bit longer than expected, so Buck hadn’t finished by the time Brett Favre threw a touchdown pass.

Here’s Buck talking about the incident, and video of the call itself.

By just listening, it’s pretty much impossible to tell what was actually happening in the broadcast booth.

Cheers to you, Joe Buck.

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