A bar videotapeed Colin Kaepernick’s jersey to the floor

Krossroads Rock and Country Bar in Beach, VA taped Colin Kaepernick’s jersey to the floor .
Image: JAmes perry via facebook

Sales of Colin Kaepernick’s 49ers jersey skyrocketed after the started his silent protest of racial inequality by kneeling during the national anthem.

But not all have been used to honor the player. One of his jerseys has been put to use as a doormat in Virginia Beach, where Krossroads Rock and Country Bar taped Kaepernick’s red No. 7 top to the floor.

James Perry, a Virginia Beach resident, posted a photo of the jersey on Facebook last weekend, calling it an act of racism.

Parry chided the bar for villainizing Kaepernick, who he said is only exercising his free speech rights.

On Krossroad’s Facebook page, many wrote reviews siding with Perry, echoing his sentiment and questioning the character of the bar.

Image: facebook

Others, however, considered it a double criterion that Kaepernick’s could be protected by free speech but the restaurant’s actions could not.

Image: facebook

The restaurant told a local news station WTKR that taping Kapernick’s jersey to the floor was about “sportsmanship and disrespect to the flag.” One Facebook reviewer agreed.

Image: facebook

The jersey has since been removed, according to WTKR , but it’s hardly the only backlash Kaepernick has received for his protests.

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